Rugby 1


At Sweet Valley our rugby philosophy is 'Never Give Up', a mentality that is bolstered by our positive attitude, inclusive nature and unique team spirit. Since 1994 when rugby was re-introduced to the school by Mr Faure and Mr Campbell, Sweet Valley has grown in the sport, producing some sterling provincial players as well as excellent high-school stars, many of whom have captained their first sides.

From initially battling against traditional all-boys rugby schools, Sweet Valley is now one of the main contenders, regularly winning home and away matches by large margins against top Western Cape schools, and competing strongly when on tour.

The dedication, heart and passion of the coaches is what makes Sweet Valley rugby grow year on year, and with an emphasis on R4 (Ruthless, Running Rugby the Smart Way), has developed and grown players from U8 level rught up until U13, when they're ready to take on senior rugby in high school (many of whom are excelling in the sport at Wynberg, SACS and Rondebosch).

Our U7s are introduced to rugby with Tag Rugby, where they are encouraged to enjoy themselves, understand the nature of a team sport and hopefully instill in them a passion for the game. From a young age, vital skills are taught, drilled and understood, so that by senior primary level, players are well-equipped to handle a touch match.

Toughness is an attitude! Being the best takes a lot of hard work, discipline and focus, but above all, it's about having heart and wanting to WANT the victory! This is often not possible without the strong determination and passion of our dedicated rugby parents who are our strongest supporters in every way.

Success at Sweet Valley can be attributed to the coaches, players, commitment, support and dedication, but mostly it has been through the immense rugby spirit and passion that permeates every heart and soul involved in Rugby at the Valley of Dreams.

"Don't aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally." - David Frost

We are in the process of compiling a 'rugby history' of Sweet Valley Primary. If you can contribute in any way (big or small - just names of coaches or teams), please contact Mr Jaco Stofberg on