Academics Overview

Sweet Valley Primary School believes in fostering academic excellence, self-discovery and personal integrity in our students.  Our comprehensive programme and exceptional staff and facilities help students discover, develop and enjoy their unique talents.

The general academic growth and emotional development of our students serve as a primary focus.  Stimulating independent enquiry and intellectual curiosity among both boys and girls form a part of a full curriculum that is also designed to foster cultural awareness, match a love of sport with that of music and the arts, and promote individuality together with a sense of social responsibility.

We continually collaborate to maintain a curriculum that keeps pace with the needs of our students and challenges them to reach their full potential.  Comprehensive teaching techniques and support systems to address individual student needs are all essential components.  Having specialist teachers in our school for various subjects such as Art, Drama and Enrichment to name but a few, enriches the learning at Sweet Valley.

We appreciate that the Junior School years are very special years in our students' education and we aim to provide a sensitive and stimulating learning environment while they are here.