Intersen Phase - Girls on grass 1

InterSen Phase (Grade 4 - 7)

At Sweet Valley Primary School we follow the Curriculum and Assessment Policy of the National Department of Education. We strive to achieve academic excellence and prepare our pupils for the High School of their choice. The personal development of every pupils is important as we nurture their emotional intelligence in a safe environment. A comprehensive Life Orientation programme is offered in every grade to develop and encourage confident, responsible choices from our pupils.

Our dedicated teachers are committed to educational excellence and attend regular in-service training and seminars. Our maximum class size is 32 pupils per class with 4 classes per grade. In each grade an experienced senior teacher fulfils the role of Grade Leader. Our Grade Leaders meet with the Academic Phase Head on a weekly basis, ensuring excellent communication, clear goal setting and planning. In support of our highly qualified class teachers we employ specialist teachers for Library, Art, IT, Xhosa, Drama and Music. This ensures that a varied, interesting programme is on offer at Sweet Valley Primary. Where individual or small groups require academic or emotional intervention and support, our class teachers are supported by staff from our Education Support Unit.

We promote independent thinking and problem solving strategies as we prepare our pupils for life long learning. A comprehensive study skills programme is offered in all grades. The curiosity and excitement for learning is continually being stimulated by guest speakers, outings and the usage of electronic whiteboards in every classroom. The holistic development of every pupil is enriched by our outreach programmes and the various charities supported in each grade.

At Sweet Valley we make every effort to recognise, acknowledge and develop the strenghts, talents and potential of every pupil. We encourage our pupils to take pride in what they do and to strive to do their best as they prepare for the future.