New Admissions for 2025

As per Western Cape Education Dept Circular 0037/2023:


Grade 1 / Grade 8 : Online registration - Opens on 11 March 2024 ; Closes on 12 April 2024

Grade R : Online registration - Opens on 01 August 2024 ; Closes on 16 August 2024

Grades 2-7 : Hard copy registration - Opens 01 August 2024 ; Closes on 16 August 2024

Please note that of this year the WCED will only consider transfer requests for Grades 2-7 in the case of relocation. There is also no online registration for these grades.

Parents will need to complete a hard copy of the Transfer Request Form and submit the completed form with supporting documents to the school.



Should your application have been unsuccessful and you would like to appeal the decision, you may email

Please note that this does not guarantee acceptance.


Immunisation Certificate- WCED ADMISSIONS POLICY (page 14)

 Written proof of immunisation against the following contagious diseases, a Certificate issued by Health Services or a doctor, must also be presented to the principal:

 Polio, measles, tuberculosis, diphtheria, tetanus and hepatitis B.

Where such proof is not available, the school principal shall direct the parent and child to the nearest health clinic.

After immunisation, the parent shall present the proof of immunisation to the principal, who shall then continue with the admission process.

Parents who do not want their children to be immunised, shall apply to the Head of Education (HoD), who shall make a decision in this regard.

Pending a decision from the HoD, the learner concerned may not, in the health interests of the other learners, be admitted to the school


Admission Information

No prospective pupil will be refused admission on the grounds of race, gender, culture, religious belief or financial circumstances.

Admissions queries can be emailed to:


Admissions Policy of Sweet Valley Primary School

Please note that the information regarding applications has changed due to new WCED regulations. Please follow the admissions process as outlined above.






In terms of Section 5(5) of the South African Schools Act of 1996, the governing body of a public school must determine the admission policy of that school. Sweet Valley Primary is a community school and as such is there to serve the community and provide quality education for the families in the community.


The Governing Body of Sweet Valley Primary School has accordingly constituted the following as the admissions policy of the school, in the belief that its provisions are consistent with:

  • The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa (Act 108/ 1996)
  • The National Education Policy Act and any applicable policies determined in terms of this Act (Act 27/1996)
  • The South African Schools’ Act (Act 84/1996) and subsequent amendments
  • The Western Cape School Provincial School Education Act (Act 12/1997)
  • The Promotion of Administrative Justice Act (Act 3/2000).




General Provisions:


  • No child will be refused admission on the grounds of race, gender, culture, religious belief, financial circumstances or any other arbitrary reason.
  • The medium of instruction at the school is English.
  • The School Governing Body acknowledges the imbalances associated with the history of South Africa, as well as the need for gender balance in the school. These factors are taken into account when placing children at Sweet Valley Primary.
  • The maximum number of pupils, determined by our staffing and facilities, is 50 in Grade R and 120 in each of Grades 1 to 7.
  • For admission to Grade R, the child should turn 6 years of age by 31 December of his/her Grade R year.
  • For admission to Grade 1, the child should turn 7 years of age by 31 December of his/her Grade 1 year.
  • Pupils who are more than one year older than the grade cohort will be accepted only if the Headmaster is of the opinion that such acceptance will be in the best interests of the child and Sweet Valley Primary.
  • Siblings of existing or past pupils of Sweet Valley Primary will receive strong consideration but will not automatically qualify for acceptance into the school.
  • Any pupil admitted to the school is admitted to the full designated school programme and will not be suspended from classes or denied access to cultural, sporting or social activities which form part of the designated school programme on the grounds of an inability of his/her parents to pay the required school fees. Paid extra-mural classes and music lessons are considered to be outside the designated school programme and pupils will therefore be unable to sign up for these or continue such activities in the event of school fees being unpaid.
  • In considering applications for admission to Sweet Valley Primary, the School Governing Body has resolved that the Headmaster will have discretion to admit pupils in accordance with the provisions of this policy.




Applications for admission must be submitted through the WCED online admissions portal ( during the time period specified annually by the WCED and made known through the media and the school’s communication channels.




Learners residing permanently with their parents/legal guardians/guardians nominated by official bodies and whose closest Primary School, by road, is Sweet Valley Primary, will be considered above all others for admission. Appropriate proof of residence will be required, e.g. rates account or certified copy of lease agreement (in the case of renting of property).




Along with the General Provisions of this policy, factors which can be taken into account when considering placement include:


  • Parents who work permanently within a radius of one kilometre of the school. (Written confirmation of place of employment from the employer will be required.)
  • Children of employees of the school.
  • When applying for Grade 1, preference will be given to children attending Grade R at Sweet Valley Primary.


Prospective pupils for whom the school is not the closest will be considered once those who qualify in terms of the above have been accommodated.


(Accepted and signed by School Governing Body on 10 March 2022)