New Admissions for 2021

As per Western Cape Education Dept Circular 0035/2017: ADMISSIONS for all grades (R - 7), for 2021, open on 17 February 2020 and close on 17 March 2020.


Admission Information

No prospective pupil will be refused admission on the grounds of race, gender, culture, religious belief or financial circumstances.

General Provisions

  • The child should be proficient in English, which is the language of instruction of the school.
  • As Sweet Valley is a co-educational school, the ratio of boys to girls will be taken into consideration.
  • The maximum number of pupils, which is determined by our staffing and facilities, is 50 in Grade R and 120 in each of Grades 1 to 7.
  • For consideration for admission to Grade R and Grade 1, the child should turn 6 by 31 December of his Grade R year, and 7 by 31 December of his/her Gr 1 year. In other Grades, pupils who are more than one year older than the Grade cohort will be accepted only if the Headmaster is of the opinion that such acceptance will be in the best interests of the child and SVPS.

Priority given to applicants

In considering applications for admission to Sweet Valley Primary School (SVPS), the School Governing Body has resolved that the Headmaster will have discretion to admit pupils and, in the exercise of such discretion, priority will be given to applicants in the following order:

  • A child who has a brother or sister at SVPS.
  • A child whose custodian parent or legal guardian is able to prove, by the submission of documentary evidence to the satisfaction of the school, that SVPS is the closest school to the pupil's place of normal residence.
  • A pupil who has a record of involvement in at least one of the cultural or sporting activities which form part of the school's extra-curricular program, and who has a good disciplinary record.

The presence or absence of any of any of the above-mentioned factors is not a guarantee of acceptance to, or exclusion from, SVPS.

The application process

  • All applications must first be made via the WCED (using the link above), as well as submitting your full application, in writing to the school using the prescribed application forms together with documentary proof requested, within 14 days of your WCED online application.
  • Applications for Grade R and Grade 1 will be accepted from 17 February of the year prior to that for which application is made.
  • Applications for Grade R, Grade 1 and Grades 2 - 7 close on 17 March in the year prior to that for which application is made. These dates have been set in order to comply with Circular 0043/2019 of the Western Cape Education Department regarding alignment of time frames for applications for admission to WCED schools and management of school information.
  •  All applicants for Grade R and Grade 1 will be notified as to the outcome of their application between 15 - 22 May via email/SMS. Parents need to confirm their acceptance by 5 June 2020 using the online WCED system.
  • All available spaces for Grades 2 - 7 will be filled in the 4th term of the year prior to admission once we know how many spaces will be available for new scholars.
  • Applications received from families moving into the catchment area after the closing date will be waitlisted.

*This policy has been updated in November 2018, and replaces all previous admission policies.