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Foundation Phase

The Foundation Phase (Grade R - 3) spans the child's first few years of formal schooling.  Vital skills, knowledge, attitudes and values are established during these years.  During this Phase we lay the foundation for each child to achieve success in Literacy and Mathematics, and to develop a healthy self-esteem, good work ethic, social skills and love of learning (Life Skills).  We make every effort to recognise, acknowledge and develop the strengths, talents and potential of our young learners.

Each grade in the Sweet Valley Foundation Phase has four classes, with approximately 31 children in each class.  Each class is taught by a suitably qualified, dedicated Foundation Phase teacher.  A senior teacher in each grade fulfils the important role of Grade Leader, and there are two experienced Foundation Phase Heads of Department.

Currently designed to fulfil the requirements of the Revised National Curriculum Statement, from January 2012 our Curriculum will also align with the recently published National Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement.

The Foundation Phase curriculum is enriched and supported by weekly sessions in our well-equipped IT/Computer centre, Enrichment and Remedial classes, Sport Skills, Gymnastics, Class Music, Library and Xhosa lessons, all taken by specialists in each field.  Foundation Phase pupils are able to choose from a wide variety of extra-mural activities.  Curriculum-linked outings, visiting speakers, our Community Outreach Programme and the various charities supported by each grade further enrich and complement learning and the holistic development of each child.

We stand by the words of our school song : "Work can bring pleasure, School can bring friendship", and take pleasure and pride in nurturing and supporting our young learners as they begin to develop their potential and equip themselves for the exciting journey of lifelong learning.