Charities Supported

Sweet Valley supports many worthy causes throughout the year.
Each grade has adopted one specific organisation for the year.

The charities presently supported are :

Grade R: Phillipi Childrens Home
Grade 1: The Zoe Project
Grade 2: Shack to Chic
Grade 3: Tears
Grade 4: S A Guide Dogs Association
Grade 5: Peninsula School Feeding
Grade 6: Beautiful Gate
Grade 7: Delta Primary School 

Charities Supported - Goods


Sweet Valley has embarked on various campaigns in order to create awareness and to engage support from our learners in a positive way.

Our most recent campaign has been our Recycling Campaign. This campaign aims to make learners aware of their carbon footprint and to encourage them to recycle. We held a competition to see which Grade could bring in the most recycling. The learners brought newspaper, magazines, paper, tins, cans and ink cartridges to recycle. Each grade earned credits for their recycling. The winning grade was rewarded for all their hard work.

The response to this campaign was overwhelming and our learners will continue to recycle throughout the year.


Sweet Valley has been part of the Afritwin programme since 2009. Through this programme, schools are offered a unique opportunity to promote interactive learning. Both learners and teachers can learn about other cultures, forge new relationships and create an international network.

Sweet Valley is linked to a school in the UK, Old Field Primary and a local school, Levana Primary in Lavender Hill. To date, some of our learners have been corresponding with learners from Levana Primary and vice versa. The Levana learners have also visited our school. We have been in contact with Old Field Primary and have exchanged photographs with them.

We will continue to keep in touch with our twin schools in both the UK and our local school, through regular contact and reciprocal exchanges, in order to enrich our relationship.