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Information Technology (IT)

Information Technology (IT) has become an important part of effective and successful education. IT is an integral part of our changing world including education. Therefore educators need to keep abreast of continual change in order to fulfill the responsibility of preparing our learners.

Information Technology enhances learning in all subject areas and empowers us all in new ways. Through the technological resources that are now becoming available learners can take a much more active role in their learning, both in the classroom and outside of it. Technologically updated classrooms equipped with Interactive SmartBoards support many learning styles, and encourage learners to question, research, and critically evaluate a variety of topics. The world is now at their fingertips.

Our Computer Centre is equipped with 36 computers running Microsoft Windows Professional, as well as every classroom having its own computer. Learners attend computer lessons every week for one hour from grades three to seven and for half an hour for Grades one and two. Each learner has his / her own computer during the computer lesson. All computers have Internet access and learners from grade four upwards are taught how to do research using the Internet constructively and efficiently.

We mainly use the Microsoft Office Programmes on which we learn our basic IT skills. Using these skills and knowledge, we maximise the learning experience through the incorporation of IT into the various Learning Areas of the curriculum such as Literacy, Mathematics, Natural Science and Arts and Culture thus making IT meaningful and effective.

At Sweet Valley, our aim is to achieve some of our educational goals through Information Technology. Learners are encouraged to embrace the learning process by utilising the acquired IT skills in order to be successful and confident participants in a technological world.