Chess / Drama / General Knowledge

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Chess Club

Chess is an extra mural activity which develops mental abilities such as concentration, critical thinking, abstract reasoning, problem solving and planning. The challenges are endless and every game is different so the children need to be self motivated. Many parallels have been drawn between mathematics, music and chess.

We have chess twice a week and it is preferable for the players to know the basics. We have a coach who comes in once a week to help children develop their skills. The chess team play weekly matches and the players constantly challenge each other in order to move on the chess ladder.

Drama Club

Sweet Valley offers extra-mural drama to children from Grade 3 to Grade 7.

By participating in drama, children have the opportunity to take part in the Cape Town Speech and Drama Eisteddfod and to grow their confidence and ability to speak clearly and articulate correctly. Drama also draws children into the world of the imagination and helps them to look at the world through someone else's eyes. At drama the children have so much fun experiencing different sides of the art form. Children love to perform for each other and, from time to time, for an invited audience. If a child wishes to join us, all we need is their enthusiasm and commitment, no auditions are required.

General Knowledge

The General Knowledge team members are drawn from Grade 6 and 7 learners, and represent our school in Interhouse challenges, friendly Interschool quizzes as well as in the Interschools General Knowledge Quiz, which consists of three rounds. Sweet Valley often reaches the qualifying round, where representatives of the top ten schools across the Peninsula battle for the three trophies! Sweet Valley has won a trophy at one of these competitions.

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships" - Michael Jordan