Goals for 2016

The Eagle: Physical Strength

Commitment towards and excellence in sport by:

  • Ensuring that each pupil signs a commitment letter for the year
  • Keeping a strict record of attendance
  • Each staff member and the pupils following up on their commitment
  • Setting up standardised steps to use when a child does not attend a practice or match
  • Having expert coaches in the various sports
  • Staff attending coaching clinics

Lamp of Learning

Strive for quality curriculum delivery, incorporating:

  • Using thinking strategies (Habits of Mind/Blooms Taxonomy/Mind Maps - To be visible in all classrooms and becoming an integral part of our teaching and assessing throughout the year.)
  • Focusing on internal moderation of assessments through the Grade Leaders and Subject Heads
  • Encouraging staff to attend staff development presentations that positively impact their teaching.

The Harp: Arts and Culture

Showcase the abilities and talents of our pupils by:

  • Having a wider variety of instruments in assemblies, i.e. more violinists, guitars, trumpets and percussion and also allowing for more children to perform music in groups.
  • Getting children who do not have music lessons more involved in the Orff style of music.
  • Having 1 or 2 meetings a term whereby the Art, Drama and Music departments get together and brainstorm, allowing the departments to be more in touch with one another

Towards Perfection

Make the world a better place

Reducing carbon footprint and promoting sustainability by:

  • Placing signs around the school to remind staff and pupils to switch off lights, computers and other appliances
  • Recycling paper in classrooms
  • Developing appreciation of our own environment and living things
  • Showing concern for the wider environment
  • Investigation energy efficiency and sustainable technology

Improve discipline by focusing on Lining up/Uniform/Litter

  • All of the above will be introduced with mini-campaigns during assemblies - campaigns to be reinforced in classroom by teacher
  • Principal to be at lines before school bell rings to enforce bell rules. Any class not obedient would return to practice during break; First Bell - Get to lines and neaten up; Second Bell - Silence
  • Enforce rules during assembly time with assistance of staff
  • Each staff member to enforce uniform rules strictly - focus on pulling up of socks
  • With assistance of staff, all pupils will be responsible for the litter in their play areas


  • Clubhouse at Frankfirth
  • Front entrance upgrades
  • ESU rooms
  • Tar area maintenance
  • Paint windows/walkway poles
  • Varnish wood areas
  • New Hall floor
  • Grade 7 classrooms