From the Headmaster...

Welcome and greetings as you enter the Sweet Valley Primary website. Thank you for your interest in our school and for taking the time to browse through our profile and photos of this very special place. This website has been designed to enable everyone to become familiar with our school, its policies, and other procedures that are basic for the smooth functioning of Sweet Valley, as well as to provide you with updated school news, schedules and events.

Above all else, it is our warm, inclusive, family atmosphere which sets this school apart.  Our staff are enthusiastic and dedicated.  Our pupils are motivated to achieve their very best in all aspects of school life.  We strongly believe that developing our pupils into well-rounded individuals is key, to which end we provide a wealth of opportunities in sport, music, drama and a wide variety of other pursuits across a whole spectrum of ages.

As you visit, I trust you will capture a picture of all that we offer and seek to accomplish. Whether you are parents seeking an educational home for your children or grandparents looking for information to pass on, I can think of no better place to consider than Sweet Valley Primary!

So take a look, admire the photos and wander through the website with the goal of coming for a visit and some good conversation. You may finish your time with us wondering... "Why haven’t I looked at Sweet Valley Primary before?" - I am so glad you have now!




Goals for 2016

What we plan to achieve

The Eagle: Physical Strength

Commitment towards and excellence in sport by:

  • Ensuring that each pupil signs a commitment letter for the year
  • Keeping a strict record of attendance
  • Each staff member and the pupils following up on their commitment
  • Setting up standardised steps to use when a child does not attend a practice or match
  • Having expert coaches in the various sports
  • Staff attending coaching clinics

Lamp of Learning

Strive for quality curriculum delivery, incorporating:

  • Using thinking strategies (Habits of Mind/Blooms Taxonomy/Mind Maps - To be visible in all classrooms and becoming an integral part of our teaching and assessing throughout the year.)
  • Focusing on internal moderation of assessments through the Grade Leaders and Subject Heads
  • Encouraging staff to attend staff development presentations that positively impact their teaching.

Towards Perfection

Make the world a better place

Reducing carbon footprint and promoting sustainability by:

  • Placing signs around the school to remind staff and pupils to switch off lights, computers and other appliances
  • Recycling paper in classrooms
  • Developing appreciation of our own environment and living things
  • Showing concern for the wider environment
  • Investigation energy efficiency and sustainable technology

The Harp: Arts and Culture

Showcase the abilities and talents of our pupils by:

  • Having a wider variety of instruments in assemblies, i.e. more violinists, guitars, trumpets and percussion and also allowing for more children to perform music in groups.
  • Getting children who do not have music lessons more involved in the Orff style of music.
  • Having 1 or 2 meetings a term whereby the Art, Drama and Music departments get together and brainstorm, allowing the departments to be more in touch with one another


  • Clubhouse at Frankfirth
  • Front entrance upgrades
  • ESU rooms
  • Tar area maintenance
  • Paint windows/walkway poles
  • Varnish wood areas
  • New Hall floor
  • Grade 7 classrooms

Improve discipline by focusing on Lining up/Uniform/Litter

  • All of the above will be introduced with mini-campaigns during assemblies - campaigns to be reinforced in classroom by teacher
  • Principal to be at lines before school bell rings to enforce bell rules. Any class not obedient would return to practice during break; First Bell - Get to lines and neaten up; Second Bell - Silence
  • Enforce rules during assembly time with assistance of staff
  • Each staff member to enforce uniform rules strictly - focus on pulling up of socks
  • With assistance of staff, all pupils will be responsible for the litter in their play areas